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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony

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August 22, 2022


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Prioritize, Simplify, and Maximize Your Budget

Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony
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The “b-word” (budget) is everyone’s least favorite word when it comes to talking about anything related to weddings. We really don’t like talking about ways to save money on our wedding ceremony. If we had our way, we would all be having a Kate and William-esque wedding affair with installations that are quite literally overflowing with florals. 

Royal weddings aside, a Westminster Abbey wedding isn’t in the cards for most of us and we have to consider the extravagance of our ideas when planning. 

As a wedding planner, one of my biggest jobs is taking your budget and your vision and bringing the two together in a reasonable and still swoon-worthy way. 

After planning weddings for almost 8 years now, here is my top advice for really maximizing your budget when it comes to your ceremony decor. 

Here are my top 5 ways to save money on your wedding ceremony.

Top 5 Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding Ceremony 

Ditch the Arch

One of the best ways to save money at your ceremony site is to ditch the arch. This may seem like a strange concept—after all, the arch has been a wedding tradition for years (and year!). But don’t discount me yet. 

Arches can be expensive. And more than just the arch, the florals to decorate the ceremony site can be very expensive. 

If you are getting married in a place with an epic backdrop (like Montana!), you can use your surroundings to your advantage rather than spend money on an arch and the florals that go with it.  

Instead of an arch, go al naturele.  Have the beautiful backdrop as your ceremony backdrop and forgo any man-made additions. 

Or, if you are really set on something up front (I get it, I really do), then talk to your florist about what ground installations are within your budget. Ground installs can be pricier than the arch, depending on your florals and your whole vibe, but your florist should be able to give you a good idea of what you can do. 

Ground installations are some of my favorites because I think you can really work your decor into the environment. 

Don’t Line the Entire Aisle With Flowers – Do This Instead

It’s very popular, and with good reason, for couples to naturally want to line the entire aisle with florals. There is nothing more romantic and cinematic than dreaming about your big moment, walking down the aisle literally surrounded by flowers. It is true goals. 

What it isn’t, however, is always reasonable within your budget. 

Again, flowers can be expensive, and lining the entire with bouquets isn’t always feasible for a lot of couples. 

So, want to know my planner secret?  

Instead of lining the entire aisle, just add florals at the beginning and the end. 

That’s right—place something at the back of the aisle that goes well with the front of the aisle.  You could even add one in the middle of the aisle if you are able.

Doing this gives the appearance of more flowers because it creates a line of vision with the flowers.

 It creates the perfect optical illusion of more florals and is a great alternative for those who want the entire aisle lined but just can’t—or don’t want to—spend the extra money. 

how to save money on your wedding ceremony
Photography By Stella K

Create Points of Impact

If you are or have been a client of mine, you have heard me say this over and over during our time together. 

Create points of impact. 

What does this mean exactly? 

You need to create visual points of interest throughout your wedding that are really impactful.

So, let’s talk about this in regard to the ceremony. The ceremony is important and it should be a point of impact but, you aren’t there for a long time and it should not be where you place all of your emphasis.  

Sometimes it’s possible to have flower arrangements that are moved to the reception after the ceremony—if the heat hasn’t wilted them. This allows you to utilize the florals in both locations without spending extra money. 

But this isn’t always possible. 

So, what I am saying is this—don’t skimp out on the flowers at the reception in order to go big at the ceremony. If you have to pick one area to go big on, choose the reception. 

You’re better off having a beautiful corner piece on the arch and two ground installs at the back of the aisle than you are surrounding yourself with a semi-circle of ground florals in order to have a more impactful arrangement that can be used throughout the remainder of the event space. 

When in doubt, prioritize the reception. 

Photography By Stella K

Add More Greenery

In lieu of flowers, consider adding more greenery to your agenda. Greenery is not only chic and very on-trend right now, but it is generally less expensive than typical flowers. 

Greenery is a great way to add dimensions and bulk to your design, without affecting the bottom line too much. 

And one thing to remember, greenery isn’t just for winter. Eucalyptus, palmetto, and olive wreath are all examples of greenery that looks great year-round. 

Trust Your Florist

My final piece of advice on saving money at your ceremony site is to always trust your florist. 

Like myself, your photographer, and any other vendor that you hire, your florist is a professional. They know what will work and won’t work, what will coordinate best with your budget, and what will work for your specific environment.

They will take care of you. Their reputation is dependent upon their work and they won’t steer you wrong. 

montana ceremony site
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Start Saving the Cash

There you have it, my top 5 ways to save money on your wedding ceremony. It is important to note that you can still have the wedding of your dreams and keep the budget in check too. It just takes a little ingenuity and a little planning!  You’ve got this! 

Want to learn more about saving money for your wedding? Check out our blog on the Top 4 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs.

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