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Hosting an Elegant Gender Reveal Party

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October 20, 2021


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A Gender Reveal Party- But Make It Classy

Are you wanting to host an elegant gender reveal party but are really turned off by all of those crazy Pinterest ideas?

I totally understand and was in the same situation when my husband and I decided to host a little soiree to announce the gender of our baby to our nearest and dearest. There are so many crazy, messy, and sometimes dangerous ideas for finding out the gender of your baby. I knew that wasn’t the direction that I wanted to go in my planning so I opted instead for an elegant and timeless hosting plan instead.

Elegant Gender Reveal Party

Our Background Story

Mike and I are currently expecting our second child. Our first little girl is three and we didn’t find out her gender until she was born – so my baby prep for her was a lot of gender-neutral themes that could go for either boy or girl. This was great and I wouldn’t change our decision to wait but we did know that we wanted to find out the gender with our second. I wanted the chance to really go out and decorate.

Something we did a bit different with our ‘reveal’ was that Mike and I found out the sex earlier and privately, over a special breakfast alone. We simply had our doctor write the gender of the baby on a piece of paper and stick it in an envelope, opening it in a nice, quiet moment.

It was special and it was unabashedly ‘us’.

But, also in true Brit-fashion, I knew I wanted to make our announcement with an elegant gender reveal party. There would be no rockets blasting blue chalk or painting my stomach a certain color. I wanted dreamy, classy, and super personal.

gender reveal ideas

The Theme for Our Elegant Gender Reveal Party

When I found out our second baby was a girl, I was stoked. I just LOVE all the girly things and knew that this party was going to have some super girly vibes.

And thus entered our theme, wildflowers.

Not only am I obsessed with wildflowers but I just adore the privilege of raising fiery, independent wildflowers who blaze their own trails in life. Wildflowers are resilient, strong, and oh-so-beautiful…. just like my girls.

So, the idea for a wildflower-themed gender reveal party was born.

The Reveal

Instead of doing an elaborate reveal, we opted for a simple display for our guests announcing the gender.

First, when they entered, our guests were asked to make a guess as to boy or girl by placing a blue or pink sticker on their shirts (and boy, were there a lot of boy guesses!).

wildflower themed gender reveal

After entering, our guests were greeted with this display, announcing the gender.

wildflower themed gender reveal

The Details

The Florals

First, with a theme like wildflowers, you know there had to be SO MANY flowers. I wanted flowers everywhere and the perfection collaboration between Habitat Floral Studios and Agile Goat Flower Farm did not disappoint. These flowers were life – simple, fresh, and elegantly rustic.

Elegant Gender Reveal Party
gender reveal ideas

For our guests, we opted for a “bouquet bar” where we provided pails of freshly-picked flowers and vases so they could create their own arrangements. Not only did it look beautiful, but it was so much fun for our guests.

The Table

We opted for a farmhouse table layout for the meal (bbq!) and minimally decorated with very simple floral vases, a pink plaid table runner, and, my favorite, simple pink napkins with a gold queen bee napkin ring. It was divine.

Elegant Gender Reveal Party
Elegant Gender Reveal Party
wildflower themed gender reveal

The Signage

I opted for several signs around the party to add to the rustic, wildflower-theme—but I did so in an understated way.

Wildflower themed gender reveal
gender reveal ideas
gender reveal ideas

The Sweets

We were fortunate enough to have both Cakes in the Zoo and Eclipse Bakery available for some of our yummy, appropriately-decorated treats.

The cake had, obviously, floral decor with some delicate “It’s A Girl” topper and the cake poppers were just divine with their simple flower adornments.

Also, how perfect are these floral cookies?

gender reveal ideas
gender reveal ideas
wildflower themed gender reveal

Advice for Planning Your Own Elegant Gender Reveal Party

My foremost advice for planning a personal, elegant gender reveal party would be to avoid Pinterest and focus on your own aesthetic. What is your decorating style? What baby products are you drawn to? Bright and colorful or more muted tones?

One way to do this is to find a children’s book that you love and take an idea from that, creating a party around it. Or, in my case, I just loved the idea of my babies growing up to be beautiful wildflowers and just knew I needed to use this as a theme for our new arrival.

Also, unless it is super important to you, I recommend NOT finding out the sex at the party but use the party as a way to share with your friends and family. No matter how you find out, finding out the gender of your baby is special. Having a quiet date with Mike and opening the doctor’s note was beyond perfect and gave us an opportunity to soak it all in, without having other people around. This also makes planning the party SO much easier if you know the sex.

Remember, you do not have to have some elaborate reveal. It can be tasteful and elegant and still be SO much fun.

The Vendors

Planner: Soiree 99 Events

Florals: Habitat Floral Studio & Agile Goat Flower Farm

Photography: Stella K Photography

Stationary: August & Stone Design Company

Rentals: 44 Rental and Design

Bakery: Cakes in the Zoo & Eclipse Bakery

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