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Are You Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner This Year?

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November 16, 2021


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Create a Harvest Table That Is Welcoming and Cozy

Hosting A Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s talk about hosting a Thanksgiving dinner.  

I feel like Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday, lost between the elaborate costumes of Halloween and the magic of Christmas. And this is a shame because there is so much opportunity for a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration and I, of course, have just the inspiration for you. 

Together with my friends from The Poppy Bakery, Flathead Farmworks, and Stella-K Photography, I designed an elegant and whimsical Thanksgiving table that I hope brings back a bit of excitement for this Thanksgiving holiday. 

The Inspiration

Inspired by a rustic farm-to-table vibe, this holiday table is sure to make hosting a Thanksgiving dinner fun, memorable, and super yummy. 

My main inspiration in designing this was getting back to the heart of Thanksgiving. I wanted to create a warm, cozy, harvest-centered table that is traditional and quintessential “Thanksgiving”, but, of course, showcases a bit of style as well. 

The other aspect of this design was focusing on the farm-to-table aspect of Thanksgiving. Almost every item we brought in was grown and produced locally. 

Hosting A Thanksgiving Dinner

The Details 

The Decor

The simple touches are sometimes the best.  Don’t you agree? Decor doesn’t always have to be over the top to be memorable.  In fact, I think understated and simple—yet unique—is sometimes the best direction to go. 

For instance. these slate chalkboard pieces, used as place settings and as mini-charcuterie boards, were among my favorite finds for this design. Adding these as the name card/place setting was a very simple yet unique touch that really made the design stand out. Touches like the brown paper and colorful twine wrapped around individual bread loaves also make what could be a mediocre detail more satisfying.

Fun fact: This place-setting was published in Martha Stewart’s print magazine in an article for Thanksgiving table ideas!

We sourced these apples from my own trees and used them as a fun, festive (not to mention very unique) seating chart.


I made sure to set out a variety of candlesticks, mason jars, and other easily-found decor to add to the cozy and rustic feel.

The amber glasses give the table an heirloom feel that is very fitting for a family Thanksgiving meal.

The Food

Like, I mentioned earlier, almost everything on our table was locally harvested or baked. I am a big supporter of local businesses and supporting them during the holiday season is even more important. For me, this does truly seem to go back to the heart of Thanksgiving.

I used The Poppy Bakery, which sadly is no longer taking new clients, BUT their baked goods remain a favorite in my heart. The Concord grape and sage focaccia and the sweet potato loaf dripping with comb honey were absolutely divine.

Here are some of my favorite food images to get your mouth salivating and the ideas flowing.

A cast-iron skillet is always recommended to add a rustic touch to a Thanksgiving feast.

Is it really Thanksgiving without an apple pie?

The Florals

So even though it is getting cold outside, it is still possible to source your flowers locally (even in Montana!). I used Flathead Farmworks and everything you see on the table was pulled directly from her own garden. 

And if you don’t have a flower garden to pick from, wild foraging is a great way to use seasonal foliage and flowers to decorate your table. Leaves, sticks, and wild florals can make for a most elegant decor.

My Advice For Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner To Remember

My biggest advice when hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is to look local; you’ll find the best inspiration close to home, even in your own backyard. And, as always, focus on decor and food that means something to you. The personal element is so crucial to a successful hosting event.

So – Happy Thanksgiving and make sure you send me all of your Thanksgiving decor pics!

Also seen in: Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas and Rocky Mountain Bride.


Planner: Brittany Newman from Soiree 99 Events

Photographer: Stella K Photography

Florals: Flathead Farmworks

Bakery: The Poppy Baker

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