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3 Reasons Why Having A Winter Wedding is a Great Idea

Montana Wedding Inspiration

December 14, 2021


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Having a winter wedding

The thing I love about Montana is how beautiful it is in all 4 seasons.

Spring is just refreshing. Summer is alive and so green. Fall is so full of color. And winter, well, winter is snowy and spectacular. So many people shy away from having a winter wedding in colder climates but I am here to tell you 3 reasons why having a winter wedding is a great idea.

Reason 1: Snow makes for the best photos.

Besides the marriage, photos are really the only thing you take with you from the wedding day so it makes sense that you would want to plan for a location and ambiance that is conducive to amazing images.

While I think that Montana really is absolutely gorgeous in all 4 seasons, there is something so special about winter here and the photo opportunities are equally magical. There is almost always sparkling snow on the ground and the sun is usually shining… and if you are lucky, maybe it will even be snowing. I mean, would you not love to have these images at your wedding?

Having a winter wedding

And nothing is more majestic than the mountains, formidable and glowing with their snow-capped peaks.

From a photography standpoint, my photography friends almost all LOVE shooting in snow. The colors are vibrant and snow is a natural reflector, making everyone’s skin look amazing.

So throw on some thermal leggings under that dress, add a nice, dressy cloak and get out in the snow.

Snowy photos
photo with snow-covered pine tree

Reason 2: Winter weddings are cozy and intimate.

Between the candles and fireplaces and the warm, inviting decor, winter weddings are the coziest of cozy, the most intimate of intimate.

I actually got married in winter and, while I loved every second of mystery day, how my wedding day felt is still my one of my favorite memories.

My wedding day felt warm, inviting, and luxurious.

Besides the cold weather, the decor is really what gives winter weddings their unique ambiance.

I adore winter decor—the greenery, the metallics, and the luxurious textiles. And I just adore how cozy winter weddings can be. Whether snuggled up by a fire or under a warm blanket, having a winter wedding just feels so different than one in any other season.

For winter weddings, you naturally use more candles. There are fireplaces. And while you can have these decor details in other seasons, they truly do make such a bold statement in the winter with the shorter days and the colder temperatures.

And let’s talk about the textures.

Winter is full of opportunities to use luxurious textiles such as tweed, velvet, cashmere, and wool. It is much harder to use these fabrics in the summer so I love taking advantage of using these to their fullest potential in the winter.

The other decor detail with having a winter wedding are the colors. Winter is the perfect time to use your favorite deep jewel tones, which only adds to the cozy intimate feel of your wedding.

Having a winter wedding
winter table decor
winter table decor
winter table decor
table decor

Reason 3: Its less stressful (no really, it is).

Having a winter wedding, in my opinion, has the ability to be so much less stressful than weddings during the busy season. And there are two main reasons for this: Vendor availability and guest availability.

Vendor Availabilty

Winter is normally the slow season for vendors so it will be much easier to book your dream vendors for your wedding. It may even be possible to book a “fully booked” vendor since, more often than not, winter is such a slow time for weddings.

Some vendors also offer off-season rates and, while this isn’t as common anymore, it may still be possible to save money on lodging and travel expenses since winter isn’t always prime travel season.

Guest Availability

Wedding fatigue is a real thing.

Spring, summer, and fall are the prime seasons for weddings, and if you get married during that time you are competing with other weddings and your guest’s time.

Having a winter wedding means a higher likelihood that your guests will be available and that they won’t be tired of attending weddings. Since winter weddings are so uncommon, it is likely that guests will actually be excited about the opportunity for an off-season soiree.

Plus, let’s be honest. Winter weddings are so much more memorable since they are less common. Give your guests a wedding to remember!

And why does all of this matter to you?

It puts less stress on you.

It’s a domino effect—fewer issues with guests and with booking your dream vendors means that your budget stays on track and, therefore, you have less stress in the planning process. It’s a win for everyone involved.

Let me know in the comments below what you think the best season to get married in is and why!


Planner: Brittany Newman with Soiree 99 Events

Photographer: Ashley J Photos

Florals: Mum’s Flowers

Rentals: 44 Rentals

Bakery: Gretchen with Mission Bistro

Hair and Makeup: Beauty & the Belief

Invitations: August and Stone Paper Goods

Dress: Velvet Bride

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