Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

May 5, 2020

Welcome to Cinco de Mayo- COVID-19 style! In the midst of all the newness, the new normal as many are calling it, or the “make everything fun at home” phase of life as I like to reference it, I have been extra focused on how we can bring our usual holiday celebrations to our homes– and hope to inspire others to do the same. I know it has been a difficult few months for many as we all adjust and figure out new steps moving forward.. many weddings being pushed our altered, many businesses and households under extra stress. I hope that this will give you a little bit of joy amongst all the chaos.

This felt especially important to do this year because Cinco de Mayo happens to fall on Taco Tuesday! How can you not throw a party at home with that combination?! Check out the photos below of our “Cinco de Mayo at home” inspiration, and let me know what details you love or other concepts you might have for me to add next year!

A few notes on the whereabouts of the items for the shoot– a number of Opalhouse additions from Target. You can always count on that brand to give you some vibrant colors! A number of grocery store items that were cheap, easy, and multi-purpose! Tomatillos, limes, jalapenos– I’ll be using the tomatillos to whip up some delicious ranch, jalapenos to add to our guacamole and of course the limes for our margaritas! The terracotta saucers were my favorite bargain addition to the place settings. Can you really beat 88 cents these days?! Again with the multi-purpose… will be added to the dollar terracotta pot and with a sweet flower planted on our front porch here soon! You can never go wrong with Cinco de Mayo and mini Patron bottles. Pretty much every liquor store sells them (especially this time of the year). My favorite addition to the table are the cacti and aloe plants from a local florist in town! Habitat Floral Studio was kind enough to pot those for me and even coordinated the pot selection for the shoot. Love that they kept it neutral so I could have some fun with the vibrant colors. Lastly, the incredibly cute and delicious Churro cupcakes were a hit! Pro tip: my husband said they tasted just like a snickerdoodle cupcake, so it turns out you can make them any time of the year! The mini churros on top were just a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal I picked up from the grocery store while looking for other churro options. (They have them in the freezer section at most grocery stores).

A big thank you to Stella K Photography for snapping some adorable shots of this table display for me!


Lastly, here’s the Churro Cupcake Recipe for those that need it! Suuuuper easy to make and so yummy. My biggest secret with cupcakes lately has been adding a box of instant pudding to the batter! It’s perfection.

-1 box vanilla cake mix

-1 box vanilla instant pudding

-1 tbs. cinnamon

Bake to the directions on the back of the cake mix box after adding the pudding mix and cinnamon. (350 degrees for 16-18 min)


1 cup butter

1 tbs vanilla

2 tsp cinnamon

4 cups powdered sugar

add a dash of milk as needed to help with consistency

*Mix all ingredients together in a stand mixer or in a bowl by adding 1 c powdered sugar at a time. Don’t forget to top the cupcakes with a mini churro! Rolling them in cinnamon sugar would be amazing, too.


Thanks all for following along! Don’t forget to share your sweet at home celebrations with me!






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